Message from the College Tutors

Dear Newcomer,

Welcome to our Department! With up to 22+ trainees at any time, we have 2 RCoA College Tutors: Dr Shashank Agarwal and Dr Jacintha Jayadoss.
We are responsible for assisting you to meet your training and educational needs. In addition you will have a named Consultant Anaesthetist who will be your Educational Supervisor (ES) during your placement.

You will be responsible for arranging your 3, 6, 9 month interim progress meetings with them, and also and end-of-placement appraisal with your ES.
We are responsible for your module allocation, overall training experience and reviewing your end of year appraisal.

We are both usually available on Tuesdays (College Tutors’ Office). I (SA) am occasionally available on Wednesday mornings. Please contact Nancy/Carrie to make an appointment in advance to see us. If the matter is urgent, you can always come to where we are working in theatre and speak to us.
In order to help you meet your aims during your placement, it is vital that you engage with the RCoA e-portfolio. This is the only way to evidence your training, and is essential criteria for your interim progress meetings and ARCPs.

It is your responsibility to ensure it is adequately completed prior to appraisals.

In order to help you complete your e-portfolio, there are numerous e-portfolio training documents on the RCoA website, and both Dr Jayadoss and I are available if you are still running into problems.
Please ensure that prior to your ARCP you have: a completed ESSR form (including an RCoA type logbook summary), evidence of at least 1 Audit, an MSF and had all appropriate Units of Training signed off.
If in the meantime you experience any clinical, educational or training needs/problems please do not hesitate to contact your ES in the first instance, otherwise our “door is always open” even if you only want to have an informal chat!

Dr Shashank Agarwal
Dr Jacintha Jayadoss